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GUIDELINES for writers

What can I write about? Where you grew up, where you live now, or anyplace you have lived in –between. A city or town near you that you know well or a place you have visited.

How much can I write? A little or a lot. You can describe the place in-depth or just share a few thoughts about it.

Can I post more than once about the same city or town? We welcome you to write about multiple places that you have lived in or visited. We also welcome you to come back and write about the same city or town if you have something new to share, such as  currents events or changes in the town.

What can’t I write about? Individual people or very specific groups of people. This means either referring to someone by name or giving enough information that others could identify specific people whom you are referencing. We have no way of verifying statements about individuals, so we do not allow these comments on the site. Place Yak is not a place to spread gossip, criticize, or defame individuals. You may however, make broad comments about people in general, such as “The people in this town didn’t seem very friendly to outsiders. It took a long time for me to be accepted.”

Can I post a comment on someone else’s post? Currently, Place Yak does not have a function that allows comments to a specific post. That’s because comment sections often lead to bickering and name-calling. Not what we want to promote among people who may be neighbors. There is no right or wrong perspective on a particular town. One person may hate it; another may love it. If you disagree with someone else’s perspective, then share your own. You may address some points raised by someone else, but don’t make your post an attack on a previous poster.

What if I submit a post and then never see it appear on the site? Place Yak reserves the right to reject a post for any reason. Please review the guidelines to see if your submission meets them.We will reject very short posts without a lot of reflection in them, such as “This place sucks” or “This town is soooo boring”.

Is content sometimes removed from post? Yes, you will sometimes see [content moderated] appear in a post. We may remove content for a variety of reasons, but most commonly for offensive language or information that might allow readers to identify the writer or other individuals.