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Chittenden County, Vermont, USA (North America) — May 2019 — Burlington is a beautiful city. It sits on the edge of Lake Champlain, so even on the hottest summer days there is usually a cool breeze blowing through. It thrives on culture, with countless different bands, clubs, and venues putting on events every night. A plethora of restaurants serving every style of cuisine you can imagine waft savory smells into the air. The highlight of the city is Church Street, downtown. In the winter, it is decorated with brilliant Christmas lights and a giant tree, with music playing softly around the main thoroughfare. In the summer, it comes alive with street musicians and performers, vendors selling their foods and wares, and throngs of tourists mingling with the locals. Vermont is a politically liberal state, and Burlington is a prime expression of that mentality. Its residents regularly engage in public protests, marches for different causes, and a variety of other forms of social activism. Cultural diversity is prized here, as the cultural center of one of the most racially homogeneous states in the country. A core part of the city’s culture is welcoming any and all who may feel marginalized or unwelcome in other places. It is a college town, with the University of Vermont and Champlain College nestled around the downtown area. Events like commencement and convocation processions are accommodated by the city, rerouting traffic around the streets that are used and providing additional security if necessary. Responsible neighborhood is an expectation in Burlington, and something the people there pride themselves on.