Have you lived in or visited Alaska? Tell us about it!

Anchor Point, Alaska, 99556. It’s a small town in Alaska on the road system on Kenai Peninsula. There is a history of great fishing here. There is the Anchor River with a King salmon and silver salmon run. It also has Dolly Varden and Steelhead. The town is by Cook Inlet and has fishing there too. The is great Halibut and salmon fishing there. I moved here in 1997. The town has shrunk. Businesses seem to start and go away in the same year. A few stores have been around here for a long time. They don’t thrive they just exist by fulfilling a need. Once the Army Corp of Engineers proposed to build a small harbor with a boat launch here and the town turned it down. That was a pivotal moment for the town. It turn away from possible growth and determined its own slow demise. It shrinks a little every year.