South Dakota

Have you lived in or visited South Dakota? Tell us about it!

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, USA (North America) — July 2019 — I live in Sioux Falls a town of about 170.00 people, It is mostly working class people. Bars,music and motorcycle riding are main pasttimes here.We have many scattered small lakes and the Missouri River is near so there is some recreational fishing and camping here too. People are very friendly here, are talkative and helpful. It has changed a lot in the last 50 years. Our population has tripled so it is a different landscape with many different races and lifestyles. The center of the town is the downtown area. It has changed dramatically and is not our main shopping area. Malls have taken over that but many stores in malls are disappearing now, due to internet shopping. Close to this area is what used to be one of our main employers, John Morelll Packing Plant. Generations worked there and it was once a sense of pride to work there. Also in that area is the Sioux Falls–an area of pink pipe stone rock with many waterfalls. It is an outpouching of the Sioux River that runs thru town and right by the Morrells Packing Plant-also not far from all this is the city sewer–and up on the hill overlooking it all is the state penitentiary–Ive always found this dichotomy interesting and illustrative of this town . Though Sioux Falls has grown, it remains pretty non-progressive and South Dakota itself is a Republican state.

 Minnehaha, County, South Dakota, USA (North America) — May 2019 — 57033. I love living in Hartford. I have lived here almost my entire life and it is my home. It’s a relatively small town, of only about 2,500 people. There’s not a lot to do here, but there are a few different restaurants including a sports bar, a steak house, and a fine dining establishment. The town of Hartford always has fun activities to do, such as the yearly town garage sale, street dances, and different things as well. The high school, West Central, has a long history of excellence in athletics and has tons of fan interest in town. Hartford is only a short drive of twenty minutes from the biggest city in the state, Sioux Falls where you can get anything you need. Overall, Hartford is a very beautiful and relaxing town that is continuing to grow and thrive. It is a great place to live.