Have you lived in or visited Alabama? Tell us about it!


VESTAVIA HILLS, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA (North America) – December 2018 —   I live in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. I really enjoy living here We have a real sense of community pride and connection. Residents participate in community activities, volunteer activities, holiday celebrations, and patronize local businesses. Vestavia has a small town feel but is a suburb of a large metropolitan area. There are many small businesses as well as large chain stores here. There are award winning schools. There is a public park and walking trails. There is a really nice recently built public library with lots of amenities. Vestavia has grown a lot over the last 20 years since I have lived here. Not a lot has really changed though in terms of appearance, just stores have closed and new ones opened in their places, the library was built, schools have been renovated, new homes built.


MADISON, Madison County, Alabama, USA (North America) – December 2018 — I live in Madison, Alabama. All in all I like this city. The people are good and polite and they care about the city. Personally I like the park that they have, my daughter always like to go and have fun in them. City is really not that big compared to it neighbor Huntsville, but its nice. What I will say that I don’t like is that is the streets. In the last 2 years Madison has exploded in home and businesses, it been getting bigger which is a good thing, but the down side is that now is that they is more traffic. So getting on the road in Madison during rush hour is a nightmare. A side for that its great, we have awesome “mom and pop” that my and I like to go to. Everything is close to us and we from a great church to be a part of in Madison. We have been living here for about two years and now and we are looking to buy a house in the area. This would be the city of choice here in Alabama. There is a place in Madison that I call “Old Madison”. This is the historic part of the city, they have great restaurants and bars its great time to spend with the family.