Have you lived in or visited Louisiana? Tell us about it!

I currently live in the city Metairie. I like that Metairie is a very suburban part of Louisiana. The only thing that I do not like about Metairie is that there are not many close convenience stores and grocery stores around the this area that is within walking distance. It is quiet and not as active and noisy like other parts of the state like in the busy city section New Orleans that is located downtown. Metairie is a somewhat isolated part of Louisiana and has less crime. Many people from New Orleans are moving towards this part of town because the crime is getting bad downtown, and housing is affordable in Metairie. The state of Louisiana is very country-like. There is a lot of open land with swampy areas. This state is known for having a lot of alligators in the swamp and has a lot of pelicans. This state has very strict hurricane evacuation orders when a category 3 and above is close to hitting close this way. Many times residents in this state have to consistently watch the weather around storm season (June through end of October) and evacuate and leave town every year. It can be somewhat frustrating to stop your quality of life to travel temporarily to another state, or reestablishing yourself permanently in a new state with a new job and home because the conditions back home in Louisiana have been sabotaged from the storms. Many residents have to deal with this on a yearly basis and it is very expensive to go through this many times.