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Wappello County, Iowa, USA (North America) – March 2019 — The city I live in is Ottumwa Iowa Wapello County. A population of about 25, 000. During the 1980’s Ottumwa downtown area had many businesses and was the main shopping area of the city. The main industry of the city was meat processing and the rail road and John deer. The town had many events which included balloon races and concerts at the city parks. By the time 1980’s was over the city lost the rail road and other industries and the downtown area started to die out. But as a teenager I still remember cruising the loop and hanging out at the parking lot. Ottumwa also had many arcade businesses which also died out by the end of the 80’s. The town now today has basically no downtown and most of the busies had move outside the city limits with major corporation like walmart and kmart. But the town still has a lot of activities such as the balloon races and a new auditorium for concerts and other functions. The main industry in town now are still meat processing and john deere and the population still hovers around 25,000 due to the fact the industry that remains in town. The arcades and some of the stuff I grew up with are now gone. But the town still has a lot to offer with quality school and excellent law enforcement and some good job still.

Davis City

Decatur County, Iowa, USA (North America) – February 2018 The climate here is quite changeable. We can have very cold and dry winters and very hot and summers. The most temperate times of year are March – May and September-November when it is usually comfortable to be outside. Spring is usually the wettest part of the year, also the time when most severe weather can be expected. Tornadoes sometimes form, but storms normally produce high straight winds. Fall can be variable in temperatures, sometimes we get quite warm weather even in November.