Have you lived in or visited Kentucky? Tell us about it!

Russellville Kentucky, Logan County, USA – March 2018Russellville is a small town. It has it’s advantages. Everybody knows most everybody. I guess some people would call that a disadvantage. It has a lot of rural area just outside of the city limits. We have a lot of businesses downtown that have been here for years. Not much recreation here for the kids but plenty of restaurants. We do have a large park and a fitness center that has a indoor pool. There are a lot of churches available in most all denominations. We have a ag center that has several events such as rodeos, tractor pulls and go cart races. We have a fair once a year and once a year celebrate the Logan County Tobacco Festival with a parade around town square and all day events such as singings, tobacco show, pet show, etc.

It has changed a lot in my 54 years. A lot of the older buildings downtown have been torn down and rebuilt. We now have a bypass that goes all around the city. We finally got a Walmart and a Walgreens. We are a town of farmers mostly. You see a lot of cows and horses as well as a lot of big crops of various kinds. We have a genealogy society too. There are a few big plants such as Emerson, and Ventra Plastics. Logan Aluminum is farther out in the county. There are a lot of good fishing in a few lakes around. That is one of my favorite things to do is go fishing.

Canada, Pike County, Kentucky, USA — January 2018 I  grew up in the stereotypical southern small town in the coal fields of Appalachia called Canada, KY (41519). Most of the men in our town worked in the coal mines, or some related field, while the women stayed home with the kids. When you said you were going to “the grocery store” everybody knew what one you meant, because we only had one. There was one gas station, one school, and no red lights. Growing up, I didn’t realize what a small little town it was, but as a 30 year old man, I miss the simplicity of knowing everybody, waving at every car you would pass on the road, and the fact that life just seemed easy.