Have you lived in or visited Utah? Tell us about it!

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA – March 2018 — This city began changing totally when the olympics where here. The mormon politicians loosened the ridiculous liquor laws in place for decades previously and realized how much money the state could bring in from from tourism. There are now blocks and blocks of bars and restaurants when the downtown used to be dead at night. Our city has completely changed from what it was 20 years ago. We have the best skiing in the world 20 minutes from downtown. We have more national parks than any other state. Summer and winter are fantastic for tourism.

The biggest problem is the pollution the city faces, especially in winter. When we get a temperature inversion it is impossible to breath. I have lived here for 37 out of my 48 years. We have 7 world class ski resorts within a 20 minute drive from downtown. Add 3 more within an hour. We have 7 national parks in the state. Over a hundred official camping spots, and 10s of thousands of backcountry ones. We have the salt flats and bonneville raceway where the world land speed records have almost all been set. We have gambling in Wendover just over a hundred miles from Salt Lake City. In the city itself we have a great club, bar, and food scene. We have Temple Square, the seat of the Mormon religion. We have several great museums, especially the Leonardo. We have Rose Wagner theater which hosts travelling Broadway shows. We also have City Creek center which has all the major stores for shopping. Every year we also host the Sundance Film Festival.

Ogden, Utah, USA – March 2018 — To put it simply: I love Ogden. I grew up in a small town called Huntsville that lies about fifteen miles east of Ogden. Whenever our family wanted to go out to eat or see a movie, a quick trip into Ogden was a given. Hanging out with friends usually included a trip into Ogden for one activity or another. Ogden has changed over time, but a lot of things remain the same. Ogden is the seventh largest city in Utah with roughly 80k residents. Ogden is home to Weber State University. We have tons of outdoor activities as well as things to do indoors, like indoor rock climbing, arcade gaming, seeing movies, or bar hopping.

I like the college-town atmosphere, the Newgate shopping mall, and the dinosaur park. Historic 25th street is known for its restaurant and bar scene, including some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Ogden is something of a melting pot of cultures, and we have the restaurants to prove it. I have never been in a place with more Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian and Indian restaurants all within a single city’s limits. Living in Ogden puts me in a great position where I can easily take advantage of all the amenities of a reasonably-sized city, as well as the plethora of outdoor options for skiing, hiking, boating, swimming, hunting, camping, etc…