Have you lived in or visited Kansas? Tell us about it!


Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA (North America) — February 2019 —  Wichita is a major city in Kansas. It’s not a large city but big enough to have multiple major highways. You know you’re from Wichita if you are sick of all the construction on Kellogg highway. We are also the home of Wichita State University, known for the fantastic mens basketball team here in the 2010’s. In Wichita we have a strong community that comes together. Recently the SWAT team dressed up as superheroes and suspended down the windows of Wesley Medical Center. They did this as a grand opening for the new children’s wing of the hospital. I loved growing up here because it has a welcoming presence and kind environment. It is small enough that people know your name but big enough you have things to do. A classic tradition Wichita has is the Wichita Riverfest. During this week long event there are concerts, food, fireworks, shopping, and river events. This is a staple here and most of the community loves it. There is also the medallion hunt. Every day there is a new clue that leads you to the location of the medallion. This is usually very hard as it can be hidden in any public place. Wichita may not be the town for everyone, but it is the place I grew up and where I want my kids to grow up.


Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA (North America) — April 2018 — 67214 Wichita is a strange place. I have met some good people here. Largely, it seems to be a poor community. There are not many opportunities. Like many places in the midwest it is spread out, you have to go a long ways to get to things. There seem to be a lot of businesses but I have no idea how many people here make a living. The only reason I have been here for so long is that I cannot manage to find a way out. I’ve located a few jobs, but largely I think that the people here are slow of mind and cannot comprehend that there are simply better ways to live. There are a lot of farming people around here. And many different tiny houses. I would very much like to leave Wichita. It is not a wonderful place, it is an extremely boring place. I would not recommend living in Wichita for anyone. There are some peaceful, quiet places to go, but if you need money, you will have problems here. Everyone has dental problems. In the time I have been here there have been no major changes… Wichita is largely a stagnant place with very boring people and no real opportunities to grow as a person.


Riley County, Kansas, USA (North America) — April 2018 — I am very fond of Manhattan, especially the downtown area. It is pedestrian friendly. The architecture of the stone churches is beautiful. When I am in downtown Manhattan I feel the spirit and legacy of the history of the community. Manhattan is a transient town. Fort Riley military and Kansas State University (K-State) college students come for three to four years and then move on. When students leave for the summer, the town is peaceful. I take a lawn chair and a snack bag and enjoy the live performances of musical artists in the park, on Fridays. It’s a good time to mingle with the community. I have lived in Manhattan twice. First in 1981, for thirteen years. The city was then considered rural. It was quaint and had many older houses and neighborhoods.

When I returned to Manhattan, in 2008, the town had grown. The older downtown neighborhood houses were being torn down and replaced with modernized architecture apartment buildings, The city built a conference center and large hotels, and high-end coffee shops and expensive executive living quarters. I think this diminished the home-town feel of the community I knew when I lived here the first time. The state of Kansas has changed a lot since I returned to Manhattan, as well. When I came, the state legislature ceased mandating a balanced budget after the stock market fell and the recession began, in 2008. The state now has a large debt to pay down. Manhattan has become poorer as a result. The budget cuts of social services negatively affected Manhattan, which is already the poorest county in the state. Mental health and social services were cut at a time when increased poverty, stress, and financial hardship has risen. The need for assistance has grown, but the resources have decreased. Long-time Manhattan residents sometimes get overlooked. Business associations cater to college students and Military because they have more money to spend. Housing costs are rather high. Poverty, homelessness and increase in drug use has been addressed in the community through federal grants and the banding together of community churches to provide some assistance.

Manhattan is now considered urban. Public transportation is becoming more accessible. Many of the new housing units are being built because Manhattan is expecting an influx of new residents. The Biodefense Laboratory, currently known as Plumb Island, is moving to the heart of Kansas State University. New employees of the facility will need housing. Kansas State is vital to Manhattan. It is a major employer of home-town residents. I am contemplating whether Manhattan is where I need to be. I don’t want to be near the biodefense facility. It would make me sad to move. But I will always have the memories of ‘back in the day, when I lived here before modernization started to change the face of the city forever.


Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA (North America) — April 2018 — I live in Wichita, Kansas. I have lived in many places in my life, and this is definitely in my top places to live. It’s a beautiful area. There are flowering trees, gorgeous landscapes, vibrant sunsets, and friendly people. There are many places to see and things to try here in Wichita. At the heart of the city, in the downtown area, there are many historic buildings and restaurants that have been here for what seems like forever. Downtown on the river is where most of the festivals here are held as well. One of the downfalls here is the unpredictable weather. It can be a gorgeous Spring day on Tuesday and then snow on Wednesday. We get storms that seem to come out of nowhere during the Summer, that dissipate just as fast as they appear. Despite all that, I love living here in this city. The city officials do their very best to take care of the area. While there may be ongoing construction, they are just doing what’s needed for the upkeep of the roads, and it never impacts the traffic too much if I’m being honest. It’s a quick 25 minute drive to get to virtually any corner of Wichita from wherever you are, because of the main road that runs right through it. It is easy to find yourself lost in the scenery and the sights as you make a drive through Wichita and you will find yourself wanting to visit again.