Have you lived in or visited Mississippi? Tell us about it!


Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA (North America) – December 2018 — I live in a small town called Iuka, Mississippi. I have lived here all my life, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. The people are usually friendly to each other, and when disaster strikes we all come together for each other. There are not too many places that the people can say that about their small town. My town has people that come to make their retirement home here. It does have it’s problems like drugs and killings, but by fat I think we are a lot more safer than a lot of other towns or cities. I would recommend anyone to come to Iuka, Mississippi. They will not be disappointed.



Hinds County, Mississippi, USA (North America) — April 2018 — There are some nice things about Jackson, Mississippi 39211 where I lived for many years. You can enjoy great places to eat for a southern home style cooking and places for delicious desserts or treats. We have festivals whether its the arts, food festivals or do a movie and a theater My state is famous for good tasting farm raised catfish and music museums with our two new additional museums; the civil rights and mississippi history museums to enjoy as well.

We take it easy here in Mississippi and pretty much laid back enjoying life little pleasures everyday. We are a community of caring people who love helping one another and those in need through our shelters, community outreaches and community fundraising events or silent auctions. I do enjoy our red beans and rice festivals one of our favorite fundraisers for the shelters and great food as well. Come down and visit our art museum european style bakery with many mouth watering sweet treats to eat. Over the years came hardships for my state as well as my city economically but my city always survive even in bad times. As show of strength given up we as Jacksonians. One of the things I like about my city and people.


Harrison County, Mississippi, USA, 39501 – April 2018 — My city is fairly large (second largest in Mississippi) but feels like a small town. We have beautiful white sandy beaches and great fishing. I love that our weather is mild, it’s hot and humid in the summer time and the winters are not harsh. Gulfport is a welcoming city with many people that were not born here, I love the diversity. We have one of the two Naval Construction Battalion Centers in the United States, this base brings people of all different backgrounds to our area. I have lived here for about forty years. I have seen more people move from the beach area to places more inland. The city has grown through annexation over the years. The downtown area has new restaurants and live entertainment at night. The hurricane Katrina has created more rentals within the original Gulfport area and the price of insurance has created a migration to the north of the city. Mississippi is an unusual state the three coastal counties are more diverse than the rest of the state.