New Jersey

Have you lived in or visited New Jersey? Tell us about it!

ROCKAWAY, Morris County, New Jersey, USA (North America) — May 2019 –The name of the town i live in right now is Rockaway NJ i just bought my house here about an year ago the zip code is 07866 its a suburban it comes under Morris county it has a population of 6438. I personally like it a lot so far my experience living here has been very good because i find it to be very peaceful and beautiful you get to see a lot of deer’s and bears. There are very many restaurants,stores,malls close by so it a fun and the down town close to me is so beautiful both in winter and summer the local ice cream shop is so crowded during summer. Every thing is close to each other meaning it is very convenient to get grocery or go for a good meal or go out to the mall you will have to drive for maximum 15 minutes and you will get to you sport. I also find the people in the stores more friendly than what i have experienced before (more calm). Very less sound pollution its very quite . I really enjoy leaving here so far my experience has been great i do not have any negative thing to say about my town we have a mixed community.