South Carolina

Have you lived in or visited South Carolina? Tell us about it!


Anderson County, South Carolina, USA (North America) – February 2019 —Pendleton SC is the late 1950’s was a great place to grown up. Pendleton is a small town and was even smaller back in 1959. There is a village green surrounded by shops. Over time these shops have changed ownership frequently. In 1959 there was a 5 and dime and a higher end dress shop. These are all gone and replaced with bars and restaurants. In the middle of the green was a small white building that served as the library in the 1960’s, but in the 1950’s the county bookmobile came ever two weeks and parked on the street in front of that small building. There was also a building called the Farmer’s Hall which is now a historic site. Many town and civic meeting were held in the rooms upstairs. In the downstairs was the US Post Office. Every day the residents would come into town to get their mail and see each other. There were two gas stations on two corners. People were accustomed to going to one or the other. Across the street from Farmer’s Hall was the Ford dealership. It was the only auto dealership in Pendleton. There was one traffic light in the center of the town, but there were several others on the outskirts. There were two schools for the white kids. They were on the same plot of land. The elementary school was a bit newer than the high school. The elementary school building is still standing but the old high school was torn down many years ago. It was a great place to grow up.


Bamberg County, South Carolina, USA (North America) – December 2018 — I currently live in Denmark, South Carolina. This is a small town of about 3,000 people. I have live here for eight years. I like the fact that people here generally leave you alone. However, if someone needs help, people here are eager to pitch in. I do not like the fact that there isn’t much to do in this small town. The only options for entertainment is to travel 30 to 60 miles away to larger town or cities. The town has a school system that combines students from another small town (Olar, South Carolina), making the name of the system Denmark-Olar School System. The system includes an elementary, a middle and a high school. The town also has two colleges. Denmark Technical College and Vorhees College. Denmark Tech is a technical college that concentrates on teaching technical trades, while Vorhees College is a four year community college. The town has not changed much in the eight years that I have lived here.


Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA (North America)– March 2018 — Bluffton is the town in which I live. It is in the southern US in the state of South Carolina, just 14 miles from the Georgia border and a short drive into Savannah. This is a lovely small town, last count about 30000 people and growing, with a rich history and beautiful scenery and homes. We are very near water, just 12 miles from the coast, and have many lagoons, streams and a river accessible for all types of water sports and just for sitting by and relaxing. The one thing I love most about Bluffton is the people. There truly is such a thing as “southern charm”. People are warm, friendly, and helpful to everyone they meet. I don’t believe the word stranger is in their vocabulary. There is a lovely area called Downtown Bluffton that is filled with art galleries, restaurants, and charming old houses that go back to the civil war era. When I first built my house here, 15 years ago, this town did not even have a traffic light or street lamps. It has grown rapidly over the years, but has maintained its southern charm. Yes, there are more stores, restaurants, things to do, and even traffic lights and street lamps, but the feeling and beauty of this town has never changed. It is still a place that I am so very glad to call home.


Florence County, South Carolina, USA (North America) – February 2018 — My hometown is Florence, South Carolina. I grew up there in the late 70’s through the end of the 80’s. Florence, South Carolina is actually where I started my own family in the mid 90’s. During the 80’s, Florence was a quaint small town which at the time had a hand full of grocery stores, two malls, two movie theaters, and a skating rink. Sunday’s were the best when i was growing up. Everyone…yes, everyone…..went to church on Sunday and if you didn’t go to our local “Horne’s” restaurant for lunch right after, you went home to a huge feast that your Mom woke up at the crack of dawn to prepare before leaving the house for Sunday School. After lunch, most kid’s would meet up at the movies to watch the $1 matinee or would go to the skating rink and hang out for a few hours before evening church. Skating was open on Sundays from 2-5…so as not to interrupt morning or evening church services. Oh, and all the kids were members of the Youth Group at church. They always planned outings and activities. It was safe. People were trusted….and with reason too. Florence, South Carolina truly was a place where the entire community was family and worked together to raise the children.