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WAHIAWA, Honolulu County, Oahu, Hawaii, USA, (North America) — May 2019– Island of Oahu. 96786 is the zip code for Wahiawa. Wahiawa is the cheapest for rent on Oahu, but it is still so close to the beach and country side which is the best part about living on this side still country but also city close to all the shopping stores. The part I don’t like is how bad the mentally ill and homeless population has gotten in Wahiawa you can see the people in Wahiawa/ hawaii islands are struggling. The make camps in the bushes where police etc can’t see them. I understand where they would camp/live near here because all the job opportunities just in one place. If you are new to Wahiawa everything I said in my pros and cons will be seen, and trust me it use to be worse back then. Gang violence Ohai st is pretty much the ghetto/ hood of Wahiawa, drugs were everywhere and so much more people were losing to be disease this ruined their lives unless they got out fast enough and decided their lives were worth more than a needle and a temporary high. It’s now 2019 and so far the hardest drug will here is weed which isn’t too bad. Street walkers (Prostitute) when just driving by certain areas you could see them all around and it was easy to pick them out due to how high and dirty they were, now days you only see 2 or 3 to the most but it could be better for sure. The cons have turned into pros slowly but surely no city is perfect just like the people that live in it. Oahu, Hawaii my state how I wish our government would look at the bigger picture instead of a rail over mentally ill, drugs problem, and the families that are homeless and need help and guidance! Our government has corruption that justice can’t even be proposed properly and some locals take it into their own hands. Our government only does what they want and hardly listens to tho people of the state that know the problems firsthand. If you want the people to listen and do better then try do the same for them. Get a representative for each city have them come together about the problems have a meeting every month. Oahu, Hawaii could be so much better if the government would listen, instead of turning a blind eye.