Have you lived in or visited Nevada? Tell us about it!

HENDERSON, Clark County, Nevada, USA (North America) — July 2019 — I live in Henderson, NV. The zip code is 89002 and it’s referred to as “old Henderson”, that’s because other parts of Henderson have grown in size and popularity over the years. I’ve lived here for about ten years and now and it seems that every year, the traffic as well as the lights and wait times at those lights, increases. It takes about five minutes just to get out of the neighborhood because, almost immediately, you’re faced with three lights back to back, probably not even ten feet apart from each other. It’s sort of a pain to go anywhere because it’s light after light just to get to the first store from where I live. Several stores in the area have closed in recent years and there aren’t a lot of options nearby to run errands. I like that it’s far away from the big city (Las Vegas) but I don’t like that I have to venture out so far away to get anything done. The heat in the summer is pretty miserable and there aren’t a lot of options for leisure activities in this city in general, but especially in the summer, unless you enjoy the misery.

HENDERSON, Clark County, Nevada, USA (North America) — May 2019 — I live in Henderson, NV in zip code 89015. I have lived here for almost 13 years. Henderson is a large suburb that is right next to Las Vegas. We are about a 20 minute drive to the Strip. We are also about a 20 minute drive to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. I would say that the most unique thing about living here is the gambling. All of the bars and restaurant/bars have gaming, and even the gas stations and grocery stores. So you can pretty much gamble anywhere that you go. I thought this was strange when I first move here but I don’t even notice it anymore. Because of the Casinos that are everywhere, there are a lot of people that work in that industry. So a lot of people that live here do not work that Monday through Friday 9-5 job. It is very common for people to work nights, weekends and holidays. Another aspect of living here that is different from most places is our weather and the lack of green trees and grass. Everything is very brown, although the mountains are very pretty. Our summer weather is pretty unbearable, with highs around 105 to 115, and it only cools off to the upper 80s at night. Most people that live here are from somewhere else, and it is pretty common to not even know your neighbors. Most houses have giant walls between them. One thing that I really do not like about the state of Nevada is how bad our education is. We pretty much have the worst education in the county, which makes me sad and angry.