Have you lived in or visited Ohio? Tell us about it!


Portage County, Ohio, USA (North America) – December 2018 —  I live in a big city outside of Cleveland Ohio called Streetsboro Ohio. I moved to Streetsboro about 4 years ago, as it was a better place than I lived in previously. It was also a better route to where I worked. At first, Streetsboro seemed like a good choice to move to, but after awhile, the busy traffic of the town bothered me. So many vehicles driving 50mph down the streets bugged me. I’m older, and have begun to drive more passively as opposed to the hurried drivers on the road. It has me scared at times that I’ll get into an accident. I also have not made a close friend in this town, as their interests are far different than mine are. I do like the closeness of 3 grocery stores, my doctors, and places to go for dinner and drinks, but I can find that anywhere. The only thing that is appealing to me living in Streetsboro is my apartment. It’s everything I’ve always wanted in an apartment. Set back from the clutter of the busy street it is nestled in the woods. A ranch apartment with a private entrance. Good neighbors and a wonderful landlord and crew. The city of Streetsboro itself is just cluttered with many too many businesses and restaurants. It is located near a major turnpike here in Ohio, and the cars just never stop. Sirens often fill the air, and except for the serene apartment I live in, I can’t think of any other reason to live there. I remember when I was quite a bit younger, my family would drive through Streetsboro and it was very different. It was in the 1970’s that Streetsboro was more of a farm town than anything. Hardly any homes and just a trace of business. They ridiculously built the city up to where it is today. A very busy, hustling environment. I’m gonna miss my apartment, but I’m thinking that I will be moving as soon as I can think of a new town to move to now that I’m retired.



Trumbull County, Ohio, USA (North America) – December 2018 — I live in Southington, OH USA. My feelings for my town are great. We are a small community with a gas station,post office, dollar store, butcher and a little general convienece store. The community has a great sense of love,and fun. We all look out for each other and help one another. I truly like living here. We have a growing population of amish settling in our town. Some of the children are attending the public k-12 school that was just built here a few years ago. I would say our town is also gaining businesses due to population growth and demand. Gas prices are on the rise, so it’s nice to have a dollar store, butcher, gas station, and even a bar in town. You really don’t have to leave the area, especially if times are tough. Mike Tyson used to own a mansion here, he bought it in the late 80’s, it’s now being converted into a church now as we speak. Since living here roughly 8 years, I would say the town has changed, but only minor. More people are settling here, as I mentioned the amish. They play a huge role in the mom and pop shops staying alive (aka the convience store in town). The roads have improved over the years. They’ve taken time to pave and redo the major roads that run through Southington. They’ve also built a new school and brought in a dollar store for all our needs. We do have nice programs offered to the children, Halloween and Easter egg hunt are a must. I really appreciate the quiet small town but rural setting. Everyone here is geuine and nice and I wouldn’t have picked a better place to live!



Lake County, Ohio, USA (North America) — June 2018 — I grew up in a small town called painesville in Ohio in 1956. The population is about 18,000 people, and it is about 40 minutes east of Cleveland on Lake Erie. Most would say there’s nothing to do there, but growing up, it’s the only thing I knew, so I thought it was wonderful. We spent a lot of time outside in nature and played in the woods, rode bikes and played baseball. It was really safe so our parents just let us out to play all day. It’s a pretty little town. It’s on the shore of Lake Erie and a river runs through it. The buildings are very historical. I moved away after college and didn’t return because there really aren’t many professional jobs there. Over the years, I visited often and feel very nostalgic about it. I have wonderful memories and still have many friends there. I plan to retire there in a few years.


Bowling Green

March 2018 — Bowling Green in the United States of America is an excellent place to live. It is a small town in rural Ohio of about 30,000 people. It has a small town feel, but thanks to the presence of Bowling Green State University it’s never dull. It has a vibrant arts culture and a jumping nightlife. There are many great restaurants and probably more college bars per capita than most places on earth. The town really has a sense of duality. One side is a thriving college town with all the hustle and bustle that accompanies such a place. The other side is quiet and suburban. It really is a great place to raise a family. It boasts a quality school system and several quality parks and nature preserve’s. There are several fine golf courses in town and more in the surrounding areas. The people are nice, friendly, and always willing to lend a helping hand. The location is excellent too. It’s rural and out of the way, but adjacent to several major interstates. It’s also within a 3-4 hour drive of several major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. It is also a 45 minute drive from the beaches of Lake Erie, the 11th largest lake in the world. Without a doubt, Bowling Green is an outstanding place to live and raise a family.


Richland County, Ohio, USA (North America) – March 2018 — Mansfield, OH is a small town. Several years ago it was a blooming town. It was best known for manufacturing car industries and steel. Although its not your typical city full of buildings and entertaining spots, there are still a few places that make this town unique. I have lived most of my life in a big city. The adjustment to a small town wasn’t hard. People seem to be much more welcoming in a smaller town. People aren’t always in a rush. While shopping , you can carry on conversations with people who will actually be engaged to the conversation. Mansfield makes me feel more welcomed since moving here. One of the most famous places to visit here is, the Shawshank Prison. That movie was also filmed here in this town. Through out the town, you can see signs of where parts of the movies were filmed. Over all this town is starting to pick up the pace again with the work force. Little by little we find more business starting up and more people populating here. If I had one word to describe this town it would be that it’s a family friendly town. Its residents welcome you as soon as you enter.


Montgomery County, Ohio, USA (North America) — February 2018 — I grew up in the 1990s in Dayton, Ohio. It’s not the biggest city but it’s rich in history. I loved how familiar it always felt. There were places I enjoyed going, such as the parks and forests. The parks there were always very well maintained and kept up and they were great for families. There is also an amazing bike trail that goes through the entire city and brings you to the most lovely places. I do not live there anymore, but whenever I go back to visit my family, not a lot has changed. Downtown is not very busy anymore, but all of the buildings are still there. Sometimes I miss the place, but I still live close by and can visit monthly.


Athens County, Ohio, USA (North America)– February 2018 — I grew up in Albany, Ohio which is a very rural town in southeastern ohio. My father was a professor at the university in that area so that’s why we moved there when I was about 2 or 3 years old. It was a good place to grow up for the most part. There was not a lot of crime in the area. The people are very friendly and I had a lot of friends. Once I graduated from college, I began to realize that there was not a lot of opportunity to get good jobs in that part of the country. I definitely had to move away in order to get a job in my field. So that’s what I did and I have only been back a few times. I still think that part of the country is beautiful and my family still lives there.