Have you lived in or visited Wyoming? Tell us about it.

CHEYENNE, Laramie, Wyoming, USA, (North America) — July 2019 —Personally I do not enjoy my town. The weather is only good for around 3 months out of the year and the rest of the year is either snowing, windy, raining or all of the above. Its great if you enjoy hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities and do not mind the wind or cold but for me I do not enjoy the fact that the town itself has not much to do or see besides Cheyenne frontier days. The bars are overpriced, only one good movie theater, few good restaurants that aren’t chains and the good ones usually wind up closing within a few years due to people only going to the chain restaurants. Its nice that we are within driving distance of Fort Collins, CO and Denver CO as there is much more to do down there than up here. Recently the town has gotten worse crime wise due to the influx of oil field workers. We used to have a very low crime rate (albeit high per capita) but the past few years we have had murders, rapes, kidnappings and child-porn related crimes at an alarming rate compared to what we used to have. Drugs have always been a problem due to Cheyenne being a crossroad for two major interstates, I80 and I25 which can take you anywhere in the US.

ROCK SPRINGS, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, USA (North America) –May 2019 — Rock Springs, WY 82901 I really do like my town, and honestly that is not something I thought I would say 25 years ago when I first moved here. Rock Springs grows on you, as do the residents of this semi-small town. It is a city with a small town feel and it boasts around 30,000 residents. The residents are very proud and hard working, supported mostly by energy industries such as the oil and natural gas fields and trona mines. What is trona you might ask? It is a component for not only baking soda but glass. Rock Springs has a rich history and claims 56 nationalities call it home. Around Christmas that really shines are our Christmas Fairs as different groups sell their wares from the Greek Churches or perhaps homemade tamales. Our town is perfect for outdoorsy type activities. We have the Flaming Gorge lake only 30 minutes away for camping, fishing and boating. We also are within 15 minutes from the Green River, where you can float the river on tubes, kayak, or fish. We love our fairs and boast the best fair in Wyoming, often attracting very big name acts like Florida Georgia Line, Old Dominion, Lifehouse, to just name a few, the entry price is kept under $20.00 so more people can come out and enjoy it. One thing I do wish we would get is more businesses investing in our city. Other Wyoming cities similar in size seem to get more attention than we do, and that does not make sense to me. We also have a neighboring town and many smaller communities that would come and shop at their locations so it would make perfect sense to bring Hobby Lobby or Target to our city. Oh well, I guess it is a small price to pay for the nice area I live in. We do put a lot of mileage on our vehicles though, driving to the big city for some decent shopping.