Have you lived in or visited Minnesota? Tell us about it!

Zimmerman, Sherburne County, Minnesota, USA (North America) — January 2018 — I lived in Zimmerman, MN 55398 for the first 12 (1985-1997) years of my life. It was a very small town and I lived in the basically middle of nowhere. You had to drive for like 15 minutes just to get to a townish part. We had big houses in the neighborhood even though mine wasn’t that big. We had 2 and a half acres of land so I had plenty of room to explore. I think that is what I enjoyed the most. I had a rock “farm”, I had hills to go play at, I could ride my bike up and down the streets without it being a problem because we had dirt roads. My mom and I would go up to the local Ponderosa and have fancy dinner once in a while.

I didn’t like that there weren’t any bigger attractions or meaningful places to go just do things like ice skate or paint or sporting events. It was very boring and you really had to have friends to make the most out of your life. But overall I felt safe. I never had to worry about bad things happening because I lived so far out of everything. We didn’t have drugs or gun or gang problems, it was just simple life.