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Rajshahi, BANGLADESH (Asia)

March 2018 — I live in a city called Rajshahi which is situated in Bangladesh. It is a divisional center of the rajshahi district. Actually it is the division of Bangladesh. It is the west of the Bangladesh. It is a very beautiful city. I came here about 5 years ago. When I came to the city, it was very much calm, but after time being changed it become noisy. but still I love its beautiful and green trees. Among the cities it is the most cleanest city of Bangladesh. There is no traffic jam in the city. Anyone can easily travel from one part to another without any problem. Besides the city there is a river called Padma. I like this river very much. during my vacation I try to go to the bank of the river and see the daily activities of the fishermen, boatmen and so on. Actually many man has the hobby to go to the bank of the river with near and dear ones for relieving from mental stress. I know about the city corporation chairman Kharuzzaman Liton. He is a very good person. All thing seems to very positive to me. but i do not like the attitude of the local city dwellers. they are very much uncultured. Also there are so much iron in the water of the city that our hair started to fall. Above all it is a very good city to live on. That’s why I am still living this city