Have you lived in or visited Bermuda? Tell us about it!

Bermuda – December 2016 — I first visited Bermuda 24 years ago in 1992. It was August, and I remember the heat – -intense, humid, but somehow pleasant. My friend and I tried the beach, but we didn’t last very long because the sun was just too strong. I remember the sun reflecting off the white sand, and another beachgoer warning me that my number 15 sunscreen wasn’t enough protection. Lots of people go to Bermuda for the beaches, but we found plenty of other things to do: the Crystal Caves and the Bermuda Botanical Gardens were highlights of the trip.

The houses in Bermuda all seemed to be painted pastel colors. I walked around in sandals, and red dots began appearing on my feet (sun poisoning?) The sun was that strong in Bermuda. I loved Bermuda, and I was thrilled to be going back in 2013, this time with my husband on a cruise ship out of Boston. However, rough seas made me seasick for almost the entire trip out and the trip back on the Norwegian Dawn. Medicine, wristbands, etc. did not help. So I lay in bed, trying not to move, and watching the Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips over and over again on the TV in our cabin. The time spent in Bermuda didn’t go so well, either. We started with an excursion to the beach. The bus wound its way through narrow, hilly roads, bringing back the nausea I had suffered on the ship. My husband needs a wheelchair to get around, and Bermuda does not have the same accessibility laws that the United States has. Most of the public transportation was inaccessible. Some sidewalks had curb cuts; some didn’t.

We had done some research about accessibility in advance, and had planned to get to other parts of the island via ferries. But after being so seasick on the ship, we couldn’t bring ourselves to take a ferry boat trip. So our vacation was limited mainly to the area close to where the ship docked, the Heritage Wharf. We shopped at the nearby Clock Tower Shopping Mall and visited a nearby fort, the Keep. My first trip to Bermuda was a lot better than my second. I am sure the island is still just as enchanting – if I had only been able to get out and see more of it.