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São José dos Campos, State of Sao Paulo, BRAZIL (South America)

March 2018 — Currently I live in Sao Jose dos Campos, in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. I have moved recently to the city coming from a smaller city and so I am still discovering the nice places here. The first impression is really positive. It is a large city but very well distributed over the places and the neighborhoods are somehow isolated from another. So you can have quiet and peace when you want and also go to more crowded places when you want. Particularly the neighborhood I am living in is really nice, with lot of green areas and the entire infrastructure we need. Schools, hospitals and all other needs on the city are very well established. The weather is also very comfortable, as currently we have summer and it can get really hot during the day but normally during afternoon it rains a little and the temperature decreases fast and the nights are really enjoyable. There is almost no traffic jam exceptionally on some peaks during rushing hours and we feel very secure in the city. People here are very friendly as we moved recently and we felt very welcomed. For all this, this city is really a good choice to live in.