Have you lived in or visited Chile? Tell us about it!


La Union, Region de Los Rios, CHILE – January 2018 — I was born in La Union, it is a small town located at the south of Chile. Actually, my city does not have a mall, big buildings or universities, but it is still a nice place, because it has no smog and people are very warm and caring. We all know each other, so if you ask for a person, we all know how to find him or tell you where he lives. We also can easily identify when a new person is in the city.

I am actually living at the north and I left La Union on 2012. What I most miss from my city are the bakeries, especially that ones that sell kuchen, berlins, pies and the heaven cake. The bad things about mi city is that people sometimes have nothing to do but gossip about others, I also do not like that some people are not responsible with their pets, especially dogs, they are many who live in the street, it is sad and dangerous. Also the difference between rich and poor is very bad. I wish there was less classism.

La Union means a lot to me, because I lives there for 25 years. I miss their landscapes and the houses made with wood. I remember when i used to go to Ranco Lake, to a beach called Puerto Nuevo, it was very nice place, my family, friends and I used to go every summer in the months of December, January and February. I also remember when I used to go to Concordia Square, it is the main square in La Union, it is nice for sitting and enjoying an icecream. La Union is also famous because it has one of the oldest trees in the world. You can google “alerce milenario La Union” and you will see a tree that had thousands of years alive.