Have you lived in or visited India? Tell us about it!

Delhi, INDIA (Asia) – March 2018 — I am living in the capital city of India, Delhi. I have been in Delhi for more than 10 years and i found it very beautiful. The weather is pleasant but goes a bit extreme in both winter and summer, unlike in coastal areas. The city is well known for historic places like red fort, humayun tomb etc. which is a reminiscence of beautiful Indian history dating back to early 10th century bc. You will find all kind of foods at very affordable price, especially ranging from traditional mughal cuisine to some of the very popular north indian veg cuisine. Also travelling through public transport is very convenient and cheap as the city has the largest web of metro train, spread across every corner of the city, in the country. The nightlife (pub/bars etc.) is not very often depicted as the main attraction of the city, though it has improved a lot in last 2 or 3 years.

Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA, (Asia) – March 2018 — I live in Hyderabad from past 25 years it’s a very good place to survive with good weather and temperature. It’s a best place in the world where cost of living is really less compared to any other cities in the world. Hyderabad is famous for Biryani and we have many beautiful places like Charminar, Golkonda, Tank Bund, Falaknama palace and many other. I like the people and city best places to stay and have a great time with friends and family. The only thing which i don’t like about Hyderabad is Population is growing rapidly and also traffic is really bad. We have very beautiful places to hangout with friends and family. In Hyderabad we have different kinds of foods and specials to eat. We have many festivals to celebrate and major festivals like Dussera, Diwali, Sankranthi, Ugadi and many other. Many tourists from different parts of the world visit Hyderabad. History of Hyderabad is really big many kings ruled Hyderabad like Nijams and many other. Weather is really good in all seasons everyone can easily adjust to the weather of Hyderabad. It has many upscale restuarants, hotels and shopping malls. Information Technology industry is really big in Hyderabad.

Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA (Asia) – March 2018 — I am living in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I am feeling bad as the city climate had changed a lot. I don’t like the bangalore traffic and congestion. When i started working here it will be cool all round the year and will be raining continuously. There are lot of cool places nearby to visit . Now due to fast development and IT companies increased in numbers, the population and traffic got increased. ultimately pollution and change in climatic conditions also. Now i can feel hot and water scarcity also.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA (Asia) – March 2018 — Previously called as Madras during the rule of English and now been named as Chennai on 1996. Acts as a heart beat of South India. The best about Chennai is that we can see multiple religious and traditional of people living together as a community. The things I like about my city is it gives an opportunity to survive for all the people. It provides a piece of bread for both poor and rich. I enjoy being in my city than any other place. Tall raised IT buildings to roadside shops. I don’t like the way the people didnt care about keeping the city clean. It takes some years for the people to get educated. People should obey traffic rules. A safest city in India to live peacefully along with our family. My City My Pride.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA (Asia) – March 2018 — I really proud to be an Maduraiyan. On old days our area was the capital of the pandya kingdom. We have world famous Meenakshi amman temple at the center of the city. Streets are built like the lotus flower. It looks beautiful from the satellite view. In Tamilnadu most films are suited at Madurai. The story of most films based on Madurai’s people. Most of the films which had a Madurai based story has been successful. Madurai is called ‘The city never sleep’ because our city busiest at any time. Madurai is the center area of the south side of Tamilnadu so we are always busy. My city also called as ‘Soil of valiant or heroism’ because of our ancestors pandyas. We also valiant people. If you come to Madurai you will feel like your own city because we treat you like our neighbors.

Nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA, (Asia) – March 2018 — I live in the city of Nagpur, located in the ‘Maharashtra’ state of India. It is almost at the centre of India and is hence called the heart of India. The counting of distances in the country starts at the ‘zero milestone’ in Nagpur. It is a fairly big city and is the second capital of the state, with a population of 2,500,000 and area of 217.6 km². Winter session of the state legislative assembly is held here. Nagpur is an old city ruled by the Bhonsla kings who finally lost to the British in a battle fought at ‘Sitabuldi’ fort. Old palaces and temples built by the kings are still present in the city and are architectural marvels. Nagpur has ‘Nag’ river running across it, from which it derives its name. It also has Gandhi sagar, Ambazari and Telangkhedi lakes, Sitabuldi hill and many gardens. It has the famous ‘Diksha Bhoomi’, a ‘stupa’ (dome shaped building) visited by many followers of the Buddhist religion. It has many schools and engineering and Medical colleges of higher learning and a University. The city has a railway station and international airport and has good connectivity. A metro rail project is in progress for connecting different parts of the city for easing traffic congestion. It has a cargo hub at ‘Mihan’, a cricket stadium where international matches are played. Many software companies are located in the IT park. The city has hot and dry climate. Winters and summers both are quite severe. The only thing I don’t like about the city is the scorching summer heat. In spite of its progress, the city still retains its old world charm. The citizens are very warm and welcoming.

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA (Asia) – March 2018 — I have been living in this city over 10 years, it’s changed a lot . When I came to city rentals are reasonable, around 50$ only then years going rentals dramatically changed now 500$ per month. As i started small business, in one my business picked up and opened three more branches in 10 years. Real estate price are up day by day and I become bellionere. Learned lot from city and population increased more and more. So many restaurants came up, world wide my city famous, tourism wise drastically changed alot, beaches are developed alot, politically people grown more, international airport came, different countries presidents are coming, totally growth of city increased alot, out ring roads developed a lot, but poor people are grown more, less water resources, prices are hiked more, common and average people can’t survive in this city. Education system become costly now. Overall I’m satisfied with my city and journey with city good. Still need to develop alot since my city coastal area, humidity is more and less industries. My city under naval control, so some restrictions is going on under control of naval department.

Thane, Maharashtra, INDIA, (Asia) – March 2018 — I have been living in Thane since December 2017 and I feel quite connected with the city. This is a very big city which is closely connected with the Mumbai which is the capital of Maharashtra state. Thane has got a wide seashore and it has humid climate. There are many IT companies in Thane and hence this city comprises of many people working for the IT firms. People from all over India reside in this city and it is very crowed city. This city is quite developed because of its important geological location. There are many big infrastructure companies building societies for residence. Because of crowding of people for job purpose, the traffic in this city is always a problem though city have good connectivity by the public transport. Local trains are readily and timely available for transport and is the main way of public transport. There are many amusement parks in this city and many places to travel. Also people closely follow western culture in some part of city and hence it looks like quite developed city. There are many food chains available here and you will find every food outlet nearby you.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA (Asia) – March 2018 –– I live in Mumbai which is also called city of Dreams. Financial capital of India with a very large metropolitan city. This is in India and in Maharashtra state. Though, I have been staying here for last 4 years only, i have become an integral part of this wonderful place. I do accept that, the traffic is heavy, Roads are congested. But there is a harmony in this chaos, everyone is a stranger yet familiar. It has many beautiful places to visit, but the main one is Gateway of India. The local trains are another main attraction, you should see the crowd moving itself inside and outside of those coaches. There have been several deadly terror attacks on this city, still it stands tall on its feet and moves ahead. That’s the spirit which keep me tied.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, INDIA (Asia) — March 2018 — The name of the city is Erode which is in Tamilnadu state in India. According to me it is one of the best place to live. From the basic needs to the luxurious needs for a person are available here. The rail network is well connected to this city such that you can go to any part of the country. A major infrastructural changes are going nowadays like construction of new bridges which will be useful for public for ease transportation. In general i like to go to shopping malls, theatres which are in the mid city. I generally hate the mixing of chemicals from factories in river water. But it is a well disciplined city where there is no scarcity for respect given to people. The only drawback is, here there is no airport. Actually this city is famous for turmeric and textiles. Nowadays steps has been taken to encourage students who participate in competitive exams by building library in specific areas. Erode city also have a well developed market place for cloths which is a good spot to buy dresses for your family. Visiting temple everyday morning before starting the work, makes a bright start for the whole day. The educational system is developed to a great extent which was lacking before two decades. Moreover it is a great place to live and lead your life.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, INDIA (Asia) – March 2018 — I live in the beautiful city of Bangalore. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and lies in the Deccan plateau of India. It was once considered the Seniors Paradise. With beautiful parks like Lal Bagh, Cubbon park which has a number of medicinal trees, and beautiful and rare flowering plants it was considered a heaven. The weather was pleasant and people were safe here !! But now times have changed and so is the name also has changed to Bengaluru. Parks have been tailor made to fit Metros and fly overs. It corridors have erupted and people from all over have made Bangalore their home. Robbery, thefts and murders have increased. Spacious bunglows have been demolished and high rised buildings and apartments have been replaced. Metros and Malls have been constructed. Life has become too mechanical. One cannot freely walk on the roads like before. With rising levels of dust and pollution, people are getting sick easily. But whatever, this is my hometown. End of the day I feel happy being at home !!

New Delhi, Delhi, INDIA – March 2018 — I live in New Delhi which is in Delhi, India. It is the capital city of our country. It is a good place to live and there are so many tourists places to visit. It is a place of mixed cultures and religions. There are so many places where you can go out with your family and friends. I love this city. It’s easy to reach out any place here and get what you want. There are many big universities and educational centers here. You can go go shopping anytime in local markets or branded stores. The local market provides stuffs at very reasonable prices. There are various heritage places where you can go and learn about the history. There are different religions so people celebrate so many festivals here. People are helpful and kind. There are museums where you can learn about various stuffs from our city. You can see some old vintage and precious stuffs and have a experience of knowledge. There are many food places where you can find the food from different cultures and states of our country. You can get food from different countries also. There are many gardens and places which are historical and it’s always great to visit them. There are so many temple and churches. Some of them like the lotus temple and Bangla Sahib are the most famous one. On being here you automatically become so enthusiastic to do so many things and gain new experience.

Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA – February 2018 — I live in an urban city named Jaipur which is located in Rajasthan (IN). Rajasthan is well known for its big Thar desert. Due to the presence of dry sand in the area, the climatic conditions are extreme here. Talking particularly about Jaipur, it has harsh summers where temperature rises up to 45°C and cold chilly winter’s temperature drops close to 0°C (pretty extreme for people who live in desert). Also, the monsoon, sometimes hit the city hard with ample of rain and sometimes brings drought. It has been Flooded with rain in 2015 whereas, it has been hit by drought several times in the past, too!

Badakutuni, Nayagarh, Odisha, 752080 INDIA — February 2018 — I grew up in Badakutuni in Nayagarh distrcit which is a beautiful countryside surrounded by dam, mountains, river and forests. My hometown is very rural but small, cute and homy. It is in southern part of the state of Odisha, just 62 miles away from the Bay of Bengal in eastern India. I spent my entire childhood and finished my schooling and lived there from 1980s to 2000s. My hometown is a typical village and not a town. A small town is located just 4 miles away from my village. We have temples, and our villagers are very religious and down to earth. I grew up going to the small school adjacent to my home and exploring nature, forest, river and mountains. I enjoyed the quietness of nature in my village which is very peaceful and enchanting. All our neighbors are good. We live all people of my village like a family and everyone knows everyone. Most people live in my village are middle class but they are happy. we organize many community events and celebrate festivals as whole village as one. I like the simplicity of my hometown. What I don’t like is the lack of better education and support that make our people inaccessible to improved infrastructures and modern live.

Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India – February 2018 — My hometown is Nagercoil. It is located in Kanyakumari district in the State of Tamilnadu in South India. I have been living here for around 40 years from 1976. I am very happy to live in such a place as my hometown is surrounded by coconut trees and other trees, paddy fields, vegetable fields, temples and rivers etc. There are good schools in my place separately for boys and girls and co-ed schools as well. All necessary things required for people to live are available in my hometown. Moreover, there are some places available nearby for the people to get relaxation during holidays with family and children. While growing up, I enjoyed the place and my life is beautiful with the calm surrounding of my place. Most of the People in my area are well known people as we used to see each other from childhood. During rainy seasons, my hometown will become a cool place and the environment looks nice and makes me feel pleasant. Unlike other cities, my hometown will not be hot during summer seasons. There are some famous temples around and during festivals, all people from my hometown gather and celebrate the whole festival season together. The people in my hometown enjoy the life living with the nature. I don’t have any dislike about my hometown.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA – January 2018 — I was born and brought up in a metropolitan city. Chennai is its name and it is located in the southern Indian. It is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. The city was well known by the name Madras before it got its name changed few years back. It as a city located on the eastern coast of India. I was born in the early eighties when the population in the city was quite low when compared to the current status. It is a city of various cultures and people from all major religions like Hinduism, Christianity and Islam live here peacefully. It is one of the major cities of India and it has a large airport and harbors to travel abroad. The city is known for its ancient traditions and cultures.

The best thing is that i like about my city is that it is one of the safest cities in India for women and children with as much as low crime rates. Due to the rapid development in the state the city has increased in population in a few decades. I remember that roads barely had the vehicles moving around when i was a kid. The situation had totally changed right now due to the urbanization and as a result there are lot of people arriving to live in my city. The best thing about my city is that it has many tourist locations very nearby. It would be a fun to visit them at most of the week ends. The noise pollution and the air pollution are the two main things that i don’t like regarding my city. Even though Tamil is the most spoken language the foreigners and the people from the nearby state don’t face much difficulty in communicating with the locals as most of them are quiet fluent in English. I am living in the city for more than 30 years and i love it. There are so much memories regarding my city. My school days are the best of them.

Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, INDIA – January 2018 — My home town is Virudhunagar. It is in Tamil Nadu, India. This is where i was born and grew up. It is a small town but i love it a lot. It is the birthplace of Kamarajar a great leader in Indian politics. Our town is famous for its parotta, a kind of deep fried roti. When someone visits our town they never leave without tasting our parotta. There is a theppam which is a small manmade pond in the center of our town. We make sure it never dries. Our town is basically a business town. Most of the people have their own business like oil, pulses, chilly etc. We have many temples in our town. The famous one is Mariamman temple. Pongal festival is conducted for this temple once in every year. At that time many people from around our town come and get blessings from our amman. Many people like me who are in other town surely come during pongal to enjoy with our relatives and friends. It will be like a get together. We have Kowsika River in our town. In early days it used to be clean. But nowadays it is full of garbage and dirty water. I really think we should do something to make our river better. This is the only thing I don’t like in our town. Basically virudhunagar people are gentle and kind. They look after each other. Even though I don’t live there anymore I still love my town and will be counting the number of days left for my next visit.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA — January 2018 I grew up and was born in Coimbatore, India in 1987. It is a nice city and I still live there. Past it was affordable and cheap to buy land and house. At present, it is a costly city since the cost of living is too high. I remember buying coffee for 2 rupees and now coffee sells for 30 rupees average. It was easy to navigate from one place to another in the city since the traffic is less. Bullock carts were the preferred mode of transport in the past. I have many childhood memory made in Coimbatore. There were so many agricultural lands but now most of them are made into sites and plots. There was so much vegetation that we children would not be allowed outside the house alone since elephants and snakes were common outside. While I was growing up, I saw many important visitors in Coimbatore like Rajeev Gandhi, Narashima Rao, Ma Po Si. There were only two cinema theatres but now the city has many malls and cinema theatres. Poverty used to be huge in our city. So many would wait outside factories asking for work because of unemployment. I’m happy that I do not see that kind of poverty today. Even though the way of living is easy at present I really miss those past days.

Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli, INDIA — January 2018 – Tiruchy was actually called as Tiruchirappalli. It lies on the bank of the river Cauvery. Tiruchy is a one of the important place of heritage and tradition. My hometown is Srirangam which is the landmark as far as Tiruchy is concerned. There is the iconic Rock Fort in my hometown which is world famous. In Hindu mythology, Srirangam has the distinction of being the first of the eight shrines of Lord Vishnu. Of the total 108 temples dedicated to the hindu god Vishnu, Srirangam temple is the most important. The temple is built on area over 150 acres.

I was born in this temple town and raised there during my school days. I could still remember the good olden days where I used to cycle my way from home through the narrow streets to reach my school. It was a journey I often look forward to. All the way through the journey, I could see only people who are genuine in love and warmth. Every face is known to each other unlike present day cities where even the next door person is a stranger. I just love Srirangam for the great coffee that is always available there. Genuine and authentic in taste, purely south Indian flavor, the coffee is my favorite till this date. Nothing can match its great taste and feel.

We had a palatial but old house there in which 4 families stayed together in a joint family setup. It was fantastic to play countless games with my brothers, cousins etc. in our home. The swing, the big well, the vast grounds, the mangroves and coconut trees were our frequent haunts. The memories still fresh in my mind, I often recollect them and mere recollection relieves me of the great stress the present world has given me.

Mumbai, INDIA — January 2018 — I am from Mumbai, India. I grew up in this city. Well, this is a very nice city. The city is placed at western coast of India. The weather is very nice in whole year. This is the financial capital of India. I love my city very much. It is beautiful. Where we can meet all types of people of India. The culture of this city is very mixed. Every religion is there and people celebrate every type of festival along with. Mumbai is famous for its film industry. Bollywood is second-largest film and entertainment industry in the world and placed in Mumbai. The street food of Mumbai is popular all over the world. I love these foods.

Like Vada paaw, Samosa, Idlidhosa, and many non veg dish. It is a coastal region, so there are many seafoods available here. Some kind of Dark side is also of this city. Like too much population and very heavy traffic jams occur at office time. Many more people come daily from all over India, Which is a very big problem for this city. But all over, I love this city. It is my mother land.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, 600005 — July 2017 — I would love to share an incident that changed my view about Chennai, my home town. Before 2015, whenever some one asked me what you love about your city? I always blabbered something nasty. I never felt anything special about being a Chennaiate. Though Chennai named the safest city and one of the most visited tourist spot in India, I always thought like why the heck this foreigner’s always preferring Chennai than any other tourist spot in India?. I really don’t know why I acted like this all my years. I think my ancestors would be the major reason. They always preferred people in their very own religion as kit and kin and treated every other as aliens which reflected in most of our parent’s behaviors too, which I never liked.

 Chennai always starved for rain. People here always included the line “Please God give us rain!” in all their prayers. We never imagined, that all our wishes would come true like that. That’s the reason why we were unprepared for such an event. It all changed suddenly. El Nino, a cyclone which caused continuous rainfall and turned Chennai upside down. Within a couple of days, my city was islanded from outside world completely. No electricity, no food, no communication, no proper shelter and nothing. All we had is some hope that someone would help us from outside. Most of the people were stucked inside the buildings.
But what happened later is like a miracle. “YOUNGSTERS”, the super heroes during Chennai flood came forward. I don’t know who ever started it, but I would love to thank them especially for initializing such a brave act. When I heard from one of the refugees that youngsters like me helping the Indian Army and Navy to rescue the people of Chennai, the patriotism I had for my own city which I never felt before, bursted out. I joined the small crew near my resident to help people in and around my neighborhood.
We rescued hundreds of people from affected areas. Gathered foods around the city for people starving for food. I even heard, a woman gave birth to a baby girl by the help of one of the volunteers and named her after that Volunteer. I’m literally crying while writing this article. You know what, when no one helped us Abraham Lincoln did. Yes! a piece of his quote stated “By the people, For the people” did. The truth is we haven’t felt anything hard because whoever heard about us came forward to help us by providing us whatever they have. Later, it was stated as one of the biggest disasters India had ever tasted.
When all this catastrophe ended, for the first time in my life, I felt the smell and aroma of my city “The Great Chennai”. For the first time in my life, I loved being called a Chennaiate. I can’t explain the happiness, I don’t even know whether someone could really feel it, but it’s my duty to share my experience with others. After this historic event, I loved to explore the places around my city. From Filter Kaapi (Coffee, but Chennaites love to call it that way), Marina Beach(One of the Biggest beach in Asia), Cinema Theatres, Hotels, Malls, Freaking Ghost Sighting areas everything gave me a new form of joy.
Now if someone asks me what you love about my city?. My answer would be simply “the people of Chennai”. And I also would love to ask the tourists to come over here to just simply feel the love and aroma of Chennai.