Have you lived in or visited Kazakhstan? Tell us about it!


January 2018 — I grew up in Kostanay. Kostanay is a beautiful city located in the north of Kazakhstan. There are lots of beautiful parks. I used to live by one of the parks right in the heart of Kostanay. There were a couple of beautiful fountains (which illuminate when it gets dark), there were lots of sculptures and monuments which represent our city (monuments of important people in the history of Kazakhstan and important events). Also, there was a small amusement park. You don’t have to pay for entrance, just for a ride. There were lots of flower beds and trees and benches so you could sit and relax. In the past 4 years the big mall was build in downtown. It has movie theater, food court, clothing stores, toy stores, grocery store and big play area for kids. I really loved that if you’re are downtown absolutely everything is in walking distance. But if you don’t feel like walking you will be able to catch a bus. There are lots of bus stops all over the town so you don’t even have to have a car, you can either walk or catch a bus.