Los ANGELES, Los Angeles County, California, USA (North America)

October 2019 — The city in which I live in is Los Angeles, California in United States of America. This city is very populated and is very busy during business hours. The city is filled with large buildings with multiple stories. Traffic is really bad in the morning since everyone is trying to get t work. Between the hours of 7 am to 10 am the major freeways would get congested with heavy traffic. Even the carpool lanes or toll lanes are jammed with traffic. It is crazy here to own a car, special since traffic and parking is bad during weekdays. I like this city since is very populous and diverse. We have different culture and people from all over the world living in a common place. Here, you can find ethnic foods from different cultures and learn about them. There are tiny streets dedicated to each culture, such as China town, Korean town and little Tokyo. One thing that did change was the amount of people immigrating to this city. I see more and more diversity around the area in which I live in. I also noticed that there has been more construction lately. There are companies that are starting to built both commercial and residential infrastructures in this area. I guess is a good thing since it will attract more people to this area. The only downside is that the housing cost will be increasing more since demand is higher. Housing prices has been increasing recently and it keeps on escalating.

October 2019 — I live in Los Angeles, California. I’ve lived here for over five years and it took a little while to get used to. I’m from the east coast and the west coast is very different. One thing I love about Los Angeles is the quality of food. I forget how lucky I am to live somewhere where there are so many amazing chefs. It’s not until I visit another city or town that I realize that. And it’s all kinds of food from Thai to Italian to Mediterranean to Mexican. I’m also grateful I live in a place with diversity. There are all kinds of people from all over the United States and the world. I also love that there are so many museums to go to, with constantly changing art exhibits. I love the weather a lot, it’s so sunny here. I love that there are both beaches and mountains, so I can go on a hike or take a relaxing day at the beach. I also love that I live in a politically liberal city/state. One thing I don’t like about Los Angeles is the traffic. It takes an insane amount of time to get anywhere unless its super early in the morning or late at night. I also don’t love that we have a homeless problem that the city isn’t doing a great job addressing. I also don’t love that a lot of the people here are caught up in the film industry and trying to be cool. One major thing that has changed since I’ve moved here is rent has REALLY gone up. I feel like Los Angeles is going to have to deal with the affordable housing crisis soon. It’s driving people out of the city. Overall Los Angeles is very spread out and you need a car to get around because our public transportation isn’t great. But you can find some neighborhoods that are walkable, they are just more expensive to live in. It’s a great city at times but I would definitely not be able to survive if I didn’t have down to earth friends/people in my life.

October 2019 —I currently live in Los Angeles CA. I live near the LAX airport and close to two major freeways. Living in Los Angeles is great if you are looking for a city that has lots of interesting things to do such as different restaurants, for example one of my favorite restaurants is GEN KBBQ buffet located in Torrance. Living in LA has its benefits such as you are close to the beach but also close to tons of tourist attractions. The problems with living in LA is that there is always to much traffic and it can be a hassle to get to one place, at times it has taken up to an hour to go to a location that is no more than 15 miles away, all due to traffic. I usually get around on a bicycle, I have grown to love getting around on a bike because you are able to use the full car lane if you need to, also you don’t have to worry to much about traffic. The streets are not the best in some places there is tons of uneven roads or gravel. If you need to find parking you might need to have change or pay with your card so that you can park your vehicle when visiting a small shop. The whole city is really lively and you can always find something that is open even in the middle of the night. The sun is always shinning and the weather is around the 75 degrees to mid 80s. Los Angeles does have a homeless problem and this can be seen all over the city at times you can see people setting up tents or pushing their belonging in carts. Rent has gotten too expensive, most places run near $1000-15000 a month for 1 bedroom and 1 bath, you are better off living with sharing a place. All in all LA is a place you should visit but unless you love crowds or traffic, you should plan to leave after a couple of years.

August 2018 — I live in Florence, which is a town within the county of LA. This is a quiet neighborhood where most people just keep to themselves. I don’t like how many arrests are made on this block, but I like that nobody is a real threat to anyone. Mostly its just drug problems with people not getting enough crack, so they do stupid things. Im in a very nice building in complete protection from those bad people. The place isn’t somewhere you want to move to. I may live in a nice place, but any other place would put you in cross fire of serious problems that arise often in this area. South Central isn’t for everyone, but the weather is very nice.

May 2018 — LA is infamous. It receives a lot of media attention. Some of what’s reported is true, and some isn’t. It’s a huge, sprawling city full of life and diversity. I love this diversity and all the small cultural hubs I live near – Little Armenia, Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Little Luthuania, etc. Even if there isn’t a name for it, you can meet with a huge variety of people and pass by different languages being spoken every few minutes while simply walking down the street. Also, this impacts the food greatly. There’s so much to choose from! This city’s great if you’re a huge foodie. Luckily I’m in a neighborhood with a relatively high walk score and a suburban feel, so I have so many different activities and cuisines in walking distance to me. Despite this, you can drive 15 minutes south and end up in super urban Downtown, or 15 minutes north and your in the mountains. It’s a wonderful feeling to have so many options, though it’s probably best to avoid driving during rush hour if you can!