MACEDONIA, Republic of

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Kriva Palanka, REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA (Europe) – January 2018 — I will write about my town and his name is Kriva Palanka, it is a small town in Republic of Macedonia, Eastern Europa. Kriva Palanka has a 16.000-17.000 population and it is border town between Macedonia and Bulgaria. I grow up here and this town totally changed on worst. This mountain town once surrounded with nature and trees clean river now become so polluted, air smells like chemicals, rivers are full with plastic trash and chemicals and there is no fish. People cut almost every tree to heat, sell etc. There are too many cars, people are so uneducated that is like primitive colony. When i grew up things were very different, not so much people, and those that were living there were polite educated they respected nature and others but now is like horror movie. This town have very old monastery called St. Joakim Osogovski located in the mountain not far from the town, and it is the only thing now that give good light to the town.

Transition, wars, poverty all this thing left marks on this place and stupidity reach maximum level. When i was kid the water was so clean and healthy, now if you drink you will became sick. There are like 100 street homeless dogs that starve and [content moderated to remove information that might identify writer]. Town is poisoning them, they mix poison with raw meat and they put it all over town, it is horror dead dogs everywhere near schools and kindergartens, they rot in alleys and dumpsters it is so so sad! I hate that all i wrote are bad things but that is the harsh reality that i’m living in, my bad luck is that i’m stuck here and all i want to do is leave this place, i tried to change it but it cannot be changed. So sad writing this but some places are good and some are like this town. Regards