Have you lived in or visited Nigeria? Tell us about it!

Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, NIGERIA (Africa)

 — I am from Ontario Canada but I am on a work assignment to the Federal Capital of Nigeria Abuja. I have been to two cities in this country, Lagos and Abuja. I think Abuja is better than Lagos because the traffic is not too much and judging by the fact that it is the capital of the country it is quite safe and secure. There aren’t a lot of shopping malls that I like but my recommended one for anyone visiting would be Next Cash&Carry, looks more like the ones we have back home in Canada. There are quite a number of spots for expatriate staff to hang out too. I like Blucabana Restaurant and for Drinks and football Jonny Rocket. The Night life is awesome, but make sure you play safe..hahaha

Ilorin, Kwara State, NIGERIA (Africa)

March 2018 — I live in [content moderated to remove information that might identify the writer] Street in Ilorin metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria. My neighborhood is a government reserved area (GRA) so it looks quiet most of the time. Like any Nigerian city, this city has its ups and downs. The city has a pretty stable power supply. Power supply has really improved. There are a number of places but those are the exceptions. Also, I would add that although there has been a inflation (sharp increase in food prices) in the country, you can live off on $50 a month because things are a bit ( just a bit) cheap.

Christians enjoy religious freedom unlike many Muslim-majority city in the country. You can plant a church anywhere, no questions asked. I don’t like this city because the city is the Islamic capital of the SW. I have no problems living with Muslims but I prefer having Christians around. What I dislike about my city is also. prevalent in any other Nigerian city. The political office holders corrupt. Very corrupt. Godfatherism still abounds. People get into political office because they could have their way, not because the will of the people prevailed. Never. There’s hardly any African country that has practiced true democracy. There’s so much unemployment here – there are no jobs! Like any typical Nigerian city, you get in by either bribing your way or a close acquaintance brings you in. The education system is a sham. People pay examiners who are supposed to curb exam malpractice, or register their wards in what has been called “Special Centre” where they are spoonfed with examination questions. People score very high in the University system but they are denied admission for various stupid reasons. The police are always after your paltry change.

Honestly, there’s no defense for the oppressed because all do not enjoy equal treatment. I have only lived in this city for 8 years, but the city I lived in prior is no different. The masses are poor and starving, bad healthcare or at best – sometimes politicians are flown aboard to treatment. POLITICIAN TAKE HOME PAY FROM THE 60s could cater for some African countries with a small population. Nigeria is a failed and very corrupt country, to be very frank, but I thank God Almighty, he left me here.