Russia — March 16, 2022 — The return of Stalin and his purges? Pukin’ Putin gave a speech about cleansing the nation of traitors and scum — anyone who speaks out against his horrific war in Ukraine. An Iron Curtain descending on Russia. Kudos to Arnold Schwarzenegger for his moving video speaking directly to the Russian people. Arnold spoke openly about how his Austrian father went to fight at Leningrad pumped up on the lies of his government and left Leningrad a broken man.

Moscow, Russia — March 9, 2022– WTF? Putins tells the population to SHUT UP! Silences the media, arrests anti-war protesters, controls what can be seen on the Internet. Those who won’t SHUT UP, Putin throws in jail. As a result, many Russians clueless that their beloved leader is committing war crimes in neighboring Ukraine. Why is everyone so mad at us, they’re wondering.