SAN JOSE, Santa Clara County, , California, USA (North America)

April 2018 — I live in the city of San Jose, CA. It is located in Santa Clara county. It is also known for the heart of Silicon Valley. It is a huge city with over a million people. The downtown life is great with music and fun. There are many restaraunts that people go to every night and enjoy the nightlife though it seems people always want to bring their dogs everywhere they go. Some people go to the amusement park called Great America to ride the roller coasters and some people like to visit the sport arenas such as watching the San Jose Sharks.

Although there are many fun things to do here, there are some negatives things about this city. First, the cost of living here is outrageous! People are paying $2000 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Buying a home here is insane when it comes to San Jose. Homes sell for over a millions dollars and that price keeps on rising as the Silicon Valley gets more popular. For the people not able to buy their own home, they either rent rooms inside of peoples homes or rent an apartment sometimes with roommates. Having a roommate is the pretty much normal thing around San Jose and its surrounding cities. Second, lots of people means lots of cars. The traffic here can be like watching grass grow. it can take people 2.5hrs to go 30 miles during traffic peak times both ways. The people drive insanely crazy and you always have to watch yourself so you don’t end up in an accident. Most of the time here, people are always trying to save every penny because it is expensive here but its fun. Some people have moved from the city because of the cost of living but I’m here to stay in it. I enjoy the city life.